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Welcome to Sidcup Veterinary Centre

We offer a comprehensive healthcare service for domestic pets (including children’s pets) with provision and access to all the best in current medical, surgical and investigative techniques

What can we do for you?

We have a full range of veterinary services available with a sympathetic and realistic approach. We can provide diagnoses, treatments and vaccinations for your pet, and have a 24 hour emergency service available.

A complete service

Our veterinary centre is the longest established practice in Sidcup, dating back over 60 years. We continue to build upon our solid foundations to achieve our current success and popularity both within and beyond the local community.

Rely on our reputation

We provide honesty, communication and a one-to-one approach for pets and their owners using a pricing structure that is both realistic and highly competitive – we do not perform unnecessary treatments or run staff bonus schemes.

Affordable veterinary care

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Caring for your pets' health

collection of domestic pets collection of domestic pets